Dignity. Always Dignity. 

My favorite movie is, “Singin’ In The Rain.” My grandma introduced it to me when I was very young and it immediately resonated with me. It was as if she just knew that I would love the movie as much as she did. The two of us watched the movie on a number of occasions; it was the beginning of my education of old movies through her. As I grew older, I watched more of my grandma’s old movie recommendations and then afterwards, I would call her on the phone so that we could discuss the films. Old movies were, among other things, our special bond. As my grandma grew older and weakened, her memory started to fail, but there was always the old movies as our standby conversation topic. She always asked me if I had seen any more old movies and was always quick to suggest another movie for me to see. It was through these old movies that I developed a real idea of true romance, a penchant for watching tap dancing and listening to lovely swingin’ music, and slapstick humor. Although my grandma is no longer alive, her fondness for old movies will always stick with me as something special.

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