Professional Line Sitting: The New Frontier

This past Saturday, I paid a visit to D.C.’s new hit restaurant, Rose’s Luxury. Last year it was named, the “Best New Restaurant in America,” which given so many competitors, is quite an impressive accomplishment. The thing about Rose’s Luxury though, is that they are only open for dinner and they do not take reservations, which means that if you want to get in, you best be comfortable with the idea of waiting in line. The line starts approximately two hours before the restaurant opens at 5pm. My group and I got there promptly at 3:30pm and were around the seventh in line.

The view of the line for Rose’s Luxury from close to the front.

As we waited, a newspaper photographer took pictures of the quickly swelling line, and we knew we were not the only ones who awaited such a raved-over foodie experience. The photographer explained to a number of us in line that she was especially interested in finding a “line sitter.” This was a foreign concept to me.

A Line Sitter, as it turns out, is someone who is paid to wait in line for another person or group. This is an understandable problem where people may not have the time to wait in line, yet they only are interested in what is benefited from the wait. According the photographer that day, there have been Craigslist ads for such a position that pay around $25/hour. Upon further research I found this “agency” that employs/deploys line sitters for various functions in NYC. It is still to be determined whether there are any official, formed groups of Line Sitters for Washington, D.C..

In my opinion, getting paid to wait around sounds like my kind of job. You could get paid to do any of these hobbies: read, draw, knit, craft, email, write, blog, talk, etc. As long as you are able to remain fairly sedentary and can stay awake, I feel like this is a totally doable way to earn a little extra money- especially for those good at multi-tasking. Had I known about this new job when I was working part-time, I would have definitely joined in.

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