Waffle Wednesday: The Wafle Shop

Wafle Shop? Or Waffe Shop?

In Del Ray sits an unassuming, little corner diner called The Wafle Shop. (Yes, with only one “f” in waffle.) The Wafle Shop is one of very few real diners left standing in the Alexandria area. During the week they have long hours and over the weekend they run on a never-ending 24-hour schedule which means non-stop waffling all weekend long. (This blog’s kind of place!) My boyfriend has been wanting to visit this hole in the wall for some time, so a few weeks ago, we finally made it there for a breakfast on a quiet Saturday morning.

Wafle Shop? Or Wale Shop?

Don’t come to The Wafle Shop with a big group; this diner currently seats maybe 15 people total, along a cramped bar with rickety, ancient-looking wooden stools. The “Shop” has a sort of creaky, grungy charm- an interior sign shows images clearly stamped with the iStockphotos word mark, depicting what customers believe they are ordering; large windows make up two of the three walls in this triangular-shaped corner store.

iStock photos on the wall.
A glimpse of the menu.

I wasn’t going to eat at The Wafle Shop without ordering their namesake item. So in addition to a waffle, I also ordered scrambled eggs and bacon to round out the meal. I was a little underwhelmed with the protein sides- the eggs were on the dry side, the bacon too crisp. But the waffle was definitely on point. It was (like the bacon) more crisp than I would prefer or expect, but had a deliciously buttery taste to the batter. It was a surprisingly unique waffle experience because typically the waffles I get at restaurants are lighter in texture and flavor. My boyfriend ordered a corned beef hash and sunny-side up eggs. He was more than pleased with his order and exclaimed that he would definitely return for such proper diner eats.

Wafle’s waffle.

The Wafle Shop has revealed some recent and exciting news too. Apparently in order to accommodate more customers and to appeal to those who enjoy eating outside, the shop will be “expanding” to include outdoor seating. An extra twenty seats will be sure to add more business and attention to this diner at the end of the lane. Here’s to more positive exposure to The Wafle Shop!

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