How Now Brown Car?

Brown is a supremely under-looked color. It is also my favorite color. A lot of nice things look great in this color, even though it may not come to mind as the best choice immediately. One such case are cars. These days, I have been seeing more car commercials using a brown car to spotlight, over any other color option. And this is because brown looks pretty awesome on cars. It may be unexpected, but it totally rocks. Here are some examples of cars that look fabulous in brown…

This Porsche 911 is freakin’ classy.

I would have been honored to be cuffed in the back seat of this beautiful old cop car in Savannah.
This Ford truck looks perfectly suited in brown.
This is getting praise as “The world’s only matte brown Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SV”.
Understated accent for this Austin Allegro.
This Mini’s two-tone brown is striking.
Not all shades of brown are created equally as shown by this Fiat.
This Chevy Nova looks grand in a deep, dark brown.

Honestly, I could go on for days showcasing photos of brown cars, because they just look so lovely. From copper tones to rich browns and every shade imaginable- both glossy and matte, this is a color that really brings out the best in cars.

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