Feet-Less Disney Villains

I just noticed something for the first time that needs to be shown to the world. It seems that there are many villains within the Disney realm who have no feet. It’s something of an epidemic and seems to be quite odd. There are far too many Disney villains (Ursula excluded) who were just not worthy of having feet. It is as if they had to sacrifice having feet in order to be truly bad. Let’s take a closer look…

It all started when I took a closer look at this picture of Yzma from, “The Emperor’s New Groove.” While she definitely has feet, she has no toes. I want to know why this is something I never noticed before. Her jagged feet are quite startling to gaze upon!

no toes
The illustrators must have gotten lazy with the toes. Or they thought nobody would notice or care.

The Evil Queen from, “Snow White” has such a long cloak and dress that you don’t see her feet. But perhaps the real reason you don’t see her feet is because they simply aren’t there:

She could have been the “fairest of them all” had she any feet. Game changer.

In, “Sleeping Beauty,” the villain is Maleficent. She made everyone in the kingdom fall asleep for years- probably so people would stop asking where her feet were.

She had feet when she turned into a dragon, but not in human form. So confusing!

For The Queen of Hearts in, “Alice in Wonderland,” the immediate response to something not going her way is for the amputation of a body part- namely, one’s head. Perhaps this is to get back at whomever cut off her feet?

“Off with their feet!”

For a story so central to shoes, you’d think Lady Tremaine and the evil step sisters in, “Cinderella” would have more noticeable feet. But of course they all sprout feet when they need to in order to appease the prince.

Feet don’t exist unless trying on a glass slipper. How convenient.

If you’re Hades, from “Hercules,” then perhaps you can get away with the excuse that the immortal don’t need feet. Or you can point people to your smoky gown: either that’s one hot fashion trend, or let’s just face it- you don’t have feet.

No feet to be found in this smoky tangle.

That seems to be the list of feet-less Disney villains. It is really quite odd that the illustrators seemed to feel that this grounding body part was not necessary. It leads me to wonder if there are more well-known cartoon characters with not so obvious missing limbs.

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