No-Cost Party Ideas

These days, I have been noticing a trend when it comes to birthday parties: More is More. My peers are under the impression that the more grand, more elaborate, more expensive, and greater attended the plans are, the better the celebration will be. But here lies a key issue with that logic: not everyone wants to go to these such events. One reason being, the costs quickly add up and soon you are learning that your gift to the birthday person is emptying your wallet for them. Unless you have an endless stream of income, I cannot imagine that this is very fun for the attendees.

To counter the More is More concept, what is a way to celebrate someone at no cost? Initially, a thought might be a house party, where you eat and drink things you already have or bring. However, that would fall under a low-cost idea, as money would have to be contributed in order to purchase said food and beverages. Sure, it is an easy idea to focus a party around a meal, but it is not very original. So to find a truly free celebration that is also fun? That requires thinking more creatively.

Free museums are a good place to start, and thankfully, Washington, D.C. has plenty of those. Other cities have them too, if you know where to look. A free and fun activity is a scavenger hunt. You can get as silly as you want with the things to look for. A friend and I came up with these ideas to use in an art museum:

  • Find a sculpture missing only the left arm and head.
  • Find a painting of a baby that looks like an old man.
  • Find someone who’s clearly more interested in taking photos of art than actually looking at the art.
  • Find the most expensive thing in the gift shop.
  • Find a painting by a painter who died in a tragic way.
  • Find a piece of art where, based on the content, you suspect the artist had a foot fetish.
Scavenger Hunters

Other free and fun activities include attending a free concert or free festival. If you are among artists (aspiring, amateur, or professional) have a party to sit around and draw each other and then each guest can leave with a hand-drawn portrait of themselves. Surely there are more things to do at no cost, but these are just a few ideas to get your thoughts stewing. In today’s world, it is too easy to get caught up in capitalism and the feeling that you need to buy something, but in fact this does not need to be the case.

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