Wicked Wallet-Wearing Weddings

Have you seen this video? It really could not be any more perfect in describing my life right now. Wedding season is upon us and I have to say- I’m scared. Last year I attended four weddings in a span of three months. I thought that was a lot. This year I have been invited to five weddings, four of which are in a two month time span, and none of which have happened yet (although tomorrow kicks off the first one!).

Weddings are lovely insanity. If you get invited to a wedding and are planning on going, be prepared and willing to shovel out buckets of money in order to attend these (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime celebrations. The real kicker is when you want to go to a wedding that is out-of-town. Like, too far to drive, out-of-town. Then the costs really start to climb.

In addition to obviously buying the happy couple a gift, the expenses include airfare or however you plan on travelling to get there, accommodations, a rental car (if needed) or public transportation, and food and drink for the time you spend not at the wedding. If you have to buy a new outfit to wear, that jumps the price up even more. Seriously, most people think of weddings as a money pit for those throwing the party, but it burns through your money even if you are a guest. Weddings = money. All of it.

And really, there are only two ways to avoid spending all your money on attending weddings. Either decline every single invitation. Or don’t have any friends or family. (Or stop being friends with, or sever any family ties, if you know of someone who is engaged who will likely want to invite you to their wedding.) While it is not as realistic to just not know anyone who is ever going to get married at some point in their life, your best bet is to opt out. Declining an invitation will save you so much hassle and concerns and money. It may not be as fun not to attend a grand celebration, but your wallet will let you have fun in the long run.

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