De-constructed Breakfast In A Jar

I want to share a recipe I created on the spot last night. I really like the idea of the latest trend of layered mason jar salads. I took that idea and applied it to breakfast. What I got was a fresh-tasting, de-constructed “smoothie”-type meal. I wanted to make sure I incorporated a variety of textures that wouldn’t mush down while sitting in the refrigerators all night. My instinct was to simply mix a granola kind of cereal with cottage cheese, but decided that the cereal would get mushy too quickly in the fridge overnight, so instead I opted for a more creative combination of flavors. I pretty much just used things that I had sitting around in my kitchen and was inspired by ingredients that I have used together to create smoothies.

In a plastic container (because Mason Jars are too heavy for me, though you can use that if you’d like.) I layered the following in order from bottom to top:

  • roughly 1/4 C fat free cottage cheese
  • handful of frozen strawberries (enough to cover the base layer)
  • handful of frozen pineapple (again, enough to cover the previous layer)
  • 10 almonds
  • sprinkling of unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 4 pieces of Trader Joe’s un-crystallized ginger

I stored the container in my refrigerator overnight, which let the frozen fruit thaw out. (However, if you want to use fresh, non-frozen fruit, you could just eat this right away.)

When it was ready to eat, I mixed it all together and promptly devoured it. My only idea for an improvement would be to cut up the ginger into smaller pieces, to better mix together evenly with the mixture. Either way, it was a delicious alternative to my usual and monotonous breakfasts. Enjoy!

After it’s all mixed together.

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