Waffle Wednesday: Falafel Waffle

Tomorrow I will be heading to Los Angeles for a long weekend so today’s Waffle Wednesday is celebrating a most unique recipe that can be found in this City of Angels. Let me present to you, the best named new dish, the Falafel Waffle.


This dish- a falafel patty pressed into a waffle iron and topped with a light salad- is yet again another genius way to use a waffle iron. (See last week’s Waffle Wednesday for more ideas.) This dish can be found at the restaurant, Canelé (where they run the lunch concept Wild Wednesday through Friday).

My only concern is that I would think this falafel might err on the side of too crispy. Indeed, Chef Ria, part of the mastermind couple behind this recipe recalls, “The main challenge was keeping the waffle from getting too dry. It’s such a wide format as opposed to a rolled up ball, deep fried very quickly.”After numerous tweaks and changes, she found a way to “create a waffle with a browned, crispy crust that gives way to soft, savory insides.”

Hopefully I can get my mouth on such a fantastic looking, innovative take on the waffle!


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