An Appealing Applesauce (& Cider) Recipe

I went apple picking a few weeks ago and along with a couple friends, we picked around 15 pounds of apples! But what does one do with so many apples (besides simply, eat them, of course)? One apple recipe I have been wanting to make is applesauce, so with the help of this nifty recipe I found online, I made it! My cooking process came out a bit differently, so let’s go through it…

The recipe calls for approximately three apples, but I have been accumulating a lot of apples that have been getting brown, so I cut up six apples into small pieces and tossed them into a large pot:

Next, I added enough water to just about cover all the apples. At least that’s what the recipe told me to do, but I soon learned that apples float, and when you have a lot, you can not really tell when you have added too much water. Either way, just make sure there is enough water so the apples can properly soak without too much crowding:


Heat the apples and water mixture on medium heat until they simmer. I declined to add sugar, since I wanted a more healthy sauce (however, if you like a sweetened sauce, this is the time to add in any spices). I did add more than plenty of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. I probably added approximately 1 TB of each, so the sauce would be properly spiced.

It took about 30 minutes for all the apples to cook enough. At this point you need to transfer your apples to either a blender or food processor, however, I was unprepared for the leftover “apple-water” underneath the apples. Figuring I could still use that too, I strained the apples and saved all the liquid, which  pretty much is what apple cider is (un-pasteurized apple juice).


You can process/blend the apples as smooth or chunky as you like. Mine came out somewhat coarse and chunky, and tasted quite nice and spiced. Even with using six apples, it only made one jar’s worth of applesauce, so unless you only want a small bit, I can not imagine using any fewer than six apples to make this recipe.



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