Work Appropriate Costumes

This year, with Halloween falling on a Saturday, many people will be celebrating the holiday in their workplace the day prior. But especially in a city like Washington, D.C. where many people work in tight-laced offices, finding a costume to wear that isn’t too wild can be limiting. It does help though that many companies practice a “Casual Friday” policy that allows many to have more freedom (and creativity) with their work attire. So what can one wear when they still want to be celebratory though still be relatively conforming to their company’s dress code? Thankfully, there are indeed some costumes you can still manage to wear. Here are a few ideas…

Cowboy/Cowgirl – I always share this idea. It is easy and fun, even though it is super simple. This outfit can be worn even when not trying to wear a costume. Wear: button down shirt, jeans/jean skirt, cowboy boots. Optional: wear a cowboy hat, braid your hair in pigtails, wear a large belt buckle.

50’s Greaser – Keep it simple with jeans, and a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Put some greasy product in your hair. Optional: wear/carry a leather jacket. Wear Converse or boots. Have a pair of sunglasses handy.

50’s Poodle Skirt Gal – Wear a flouncy, knee-length skirt. Hot glue/pin/tape on a picture of a poodle. Wear a button down shirt or an off-the shoulder top. Tie a small, lightweight scarf around your neck. Wear a headband and flat shoes (or saddle shoes if you happen to own some).
Bellhop – I wore this to work a few years ago and it was a big hit. It was very original and the whole outfit could be worn to work again minus the hat. Wear black/navy/pinstripe pants (or a skirt) and a double-breasted-buttoned jacket. I made the pillbox hat from the lid of a round box, covered in construction paper, and taped a string to the insides.
Dracula – Normally wear a full suit to work? Spice it up by wearing a tuxedo. Add a long black cape and you’re almost to a costume. Add fake vampire teeth and with black makeup, give yourself a Widow’s Peak. You can get fancier with fake blood makeup around your lips and with more garish clothing choices.

1920’s Gangster – Gangsters were once just normal people like you and me, who decided upon an illegal career move. But dressing up as someone from a previous time period makes for a more work-appropriate outfit. A gangster costume involves wear a pinstripe suit or pinstripe/black/navy pants paired with a white tank top (wife beater) and black or navy suspenders. Top it off with a fedora or pageboy hat.

Black Cat– And then you have the most simple of costumes. Have an all black outfit? Top it off with cat ears and you have a costume. (Extra points if you even add a tail, because most cats have that.) Finish the look with a black nose and whiskers with makeup.

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