A Post-Halloween Ghost Story

I went on a ghost tour of Georgetown this week which was a lot of fun. So in honor of that ghost tour and that we are only a few days past Halloween, today I am sharing a real event that happened to me this week…

I was on a walk in my neighborhood earlier this week (on Monday or Tuesday evening). It was only a few days after Halloween, but my favorite holiday was still on my mind. I was on my way back to my apartment and was only a few blocks till I made it home. Ahead of me was a four-way intersection. I noticed a middle-aged woman crossing the street in front of me coming from the other side of the street. I noticed that she was draped entirely in a white cloth (a shawl/hoodie?) that to my amusement reminded me of a make-shift ghost costume. As she crossed in front of me and started turning the corner that I had just come to, I quickly whipped out my phone to take a photo of her. I thought her ghost-looking outfit was funny and I wanted to show my friends later.

A poor quality ghost costume, like that from, “Beetlejuice”

However, I didn’t notice that the flash on my camera was on, and since it was in the evening, the flash completely washed out and hazed over the entire photo. In an effort to quickly re-take the photo, I wanted to double-check my washed-out photo, just in case it was good enough to keep. However, when I went back to view the photo on my phone, the photo was gone! I didn’t remember deleting it, but perhaps I had done so instinctively, so I checked my phone’s “deleted photos” album. Alas, my photo was nowhere to be found. By the time I had looked up to try another shot of this ghost-person, they were gone, out of sight.

The weird thing about this interaction was that I was amused by this person, thinking that their outfit reminded me of a poor attempt at a bed sheet ghost costume. Surely, that person was not aware that their outfit was reminiscent of a child’s costume. It was chilly outside, so it would not have been unheard of for this person to want to wrap themselves up in a shawl or large scarf to keep warm. I just can not explain then why my phone was unable to capture this person’s image. (I have heard that when taking a photo of a ghost, they will appear as a mist or fog, so the poor quality, fogged-out photo I took, could have been due to capturing a ghost. I have also heard that sometimes a ghost will use the power from an electronic device in order to manifest themselves, which could explain the sudden and unexpected malfunctions of my phone’s camera.) Whatever happened to me and whatever I had witnessed, it was unexplainable and quite strange…

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