Found On The Ground: EYE Am Watching You…

Happy Friday the 13th! This is traditionally a superstitious “holiday” known for being cursed with bad luck. But what might be as bad as bad luck itself, could be a constant feeling as if something bad were about to happen to you. That notion of being potentially spooked is where I show you this:

EYE watch you

The other day I was walking in my neighborhood and felt as though something was amiss. Was I being watched? As I continued to glance down at the ground, I noticed in fact that I was being watched…by a single eye. I delighted in the unusual sight of a single googly eyeball on the ground. The eye was humorously gazing up as people passed it by.

But was this eye funny for pleasantly sitting there, or slightly creepy? Perhaps this eye was placed to guard something or stare at others… With a single eye on the ground, it can watch you without your knowing. And being watched anonymously can be pretty creepy. Whatever the reason one’s imagination could create for why this seemingly innocent eye was sitting on the ground, one thing is for sure- this eye caught my eye, and we shared eye contact.

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