A Rainy Day Poem

I’m going for a walk today.
A walk on Christmas day.
This weather isn’t very cold,
In fact it’s more like May.

I’m going for a walk today,
A walk in Christmas rain.
If I’d do this all over,
I might not do it again.

I should have worn some boots today
Instead of these old shoes.
I also should have brought a mug
Of coffee spiked with booze.

I’m carrying with me a large mug
Of minty, hot tea.
It warms my body and my soul
Until I’ll have to pee.

This weather isn’t really nice;
It’s not at all pleasant.
But walking in it is what I want-
It’s my own kind of present.

There are quite a lot of people out
With thoughts just like mine.
It may be raining buckets but
At least it’s a good time.

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