2016 Drinking Resolutions

It’s a week into this new year, and going with tradition, I have decided to share a few of my resolutions, though specifically those focusing on the wide and wonderful world of alcohol beverages. These are not all of my resolutions, however, they are some of the more interesting ones. While many people try to better themselves in the standard ways such as dieting or saving money, instead here are a couple of my more creative and fun ideas…

One major resolution is to have a go-to cocktail order. Often times when I go out to drink I end up ordering a beer or glass of wine because it’s an easier decision to pick through the restaurant or bar’s listed menu. However with cocktails, it’s a whole different world. I’m not saying this go-to drink has to be complicated or even very expensive, but with endless combinations, why not have a little fun? Having a go-to drink that is anything more exciting than your run-of-the-mill rail liquor and mixer would be great for a few reasons. Not only would it get me out of my alcoholic comfort zone, but it would show that I am more of a knowledgeable and perhaps even sophisticated drinker (i.e: an “adult”). And in my early thirties, I think that is an appropriate type of consumer I could aspire to be.

As I have updated in my Beer Log page, this year will be different than the previous five. Ever since keeping track of how many new beers I have tried, I have strived to try more beers than the year before. However 2015 was a close call, and I was almost unable to achieve such a feat. So this year I aim to go to more new breweries than before. Last year I visited a great deal of breweries that will give me a good challenge for 2016.

So let’s toast to this new year of drinking upon us!

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