Anticipating A Snow Storm

In these last few days before the close of the week, all everyone is talking about is the impending snow storm to hit the D.C. region. I am more than ok with this excitement. The Washington Post is on top of all the weather coverage, writing: “This scenario would produce accumulations that could rival the two biggest storms of the 2009-2010 Snowmageddon season.” We’re talking another Snowmageddon, now? That glorious storm of too long ago reminded me of how much fun massive amounts of snow can be.

The Snowmaggedon was so memorable- I remember living in a typically bustling suburb of D.C. Wisconsin Avenue was a barren wasteland, with no cars in sight. People roamed major streets in downtown D.C.; pedestrians calling major intersections and roadways their own. Walking in the middle of the roads that had seen plowing attempts was easier and safer than trying to maneuver the mountains of snow that plows had pushed onto the sidewalks. I remember trekking with my friends to a ZBurger that somehow was able to stay open and we all enjoyed milkshakes- an unusual treat in the cold. The atmosphere was celebratory, with people excited about this new landscape all around.

Perhaps a reason why I associate feelings of delight with terrorizing snow storms is because blizzards in these parts are so rare. And also because snow is so magical looking, especially to someone who is greeted by significant amounts of it so infrequently. Fluffy white powder that falls from the sky and that gently blankets everything in sight- it seems so hard to get angry at such innocent-l0oking precipitation. Unlike rain or sleet that just gets everything wet and mushy, snow is like a kiss from the clouds. Also, snow just doesn’t fall in a menacing way. It may never stop, but snow comes down in a matter of stretching time, not so much in weighting heaves. You can’t quite compare a heavy snowfall to a torrential downpour of rain. Snow doesn’t fall in sheets, like rain can.

So while some people see these predicting maps as forecasts of a nightmare, I am more likely to see brightly colored designs that promise a memorable and also favorable time to be outside. I hope more of us can enjoy the snowfall that is supposed to bestow upon Washington, D.C..

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