Waffle Wednesday: When Mexican Food & Ice Cream Collide

Have you ever not been able to decide between whether you want to eat Mexican food or if you want ice cream? Now, ice cream mogul, Ben & Jerry’s is here to help you have both at the same time!

First ice cream trucks brought us the glorious invention of Klondike’s Choco Taco. I remember trying this delight for the first time and immediately understanding why our world needed such an invention. The handy waffle cone shaped into the tortilla made it so drippy ice cream from my other stick options was a thing of the past. This new cone shape invited easier consumption without any barrier that would eventually get tossed into the trash; a stickless frozen treat was is innovative!

The latest invention to happen to the waffle cone ice cream industry is the brrr-ito. Ben & Jerry’s took the idea of the Choco Taco and decided to concoct other delicious Mexican foods into their respective ice cream forms. Because why stop at just one item, when you can recreate them all?!


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