Found On The Ground: 1 Black Shoe

For a few days now, this lone shoe has been sitting next to my morning bus stop. This is such an odd thing to see for a number of reasons.

First of all, the location of my bus stop is not near any shoe stores, let alone any stores at all. My bus stop is actually in front of an office building that is the only office building nearby. Surely whoever had accidentally left their sneaker behind must have noticed it as it dropped to the ground.

The shoe is also at some considerable distance from the sidewalk, where anyone would be standing or walking by. The grassy area where the shoe lies is next to ground floor offices, so why anyone would be that close to the building’s offices is another mystery.

Also, this is a big shoe to have gone missing. It would appear that whomever lost this shoe, should have noticed not too long after its departure, since this item is not only hefty in size, but also probably thusly in weight.

So if anyone knows someone who somehow is down one of these shoes, last reportedly seen in North Old Town Alexandria, I may have just found your lost shoe!


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