Happy First Birthday!

Today Endlessly Waffle turns one year old! There has been a lot of waffles and a little waffling, which is pretty much how I envisioned this blog would go. So far I would call this a success of a change in blog site. Looking back at this past year, I have posted some pretty great things. Here is a top 10 list of my favorite posts from this past year. Maybe you missed these or like me, want to revisit the goodies. Let’s take a look:

10.  I took a visit to Alexandria’s famed, Wafle Shop and tried their signature dish. This was something I had been wanting to do for a while.

9.  I made an odd discovery about a commonality that many Disney Villains seem to share.

8.  As a recent thirty-something, I decided that once and for all, I would change the way I look at shoes and go through my footwear “collection” to weed out the non-reasonable items I had been hoarding.

7.  Right around Halloween time, I took a photo of something I Found On The Ground that is now one of my favorite photos of mine.

6.  I discovered an artist who paints realistic-looking dreamscapes and boy, is it delectable.

5.  I came upon a famous Graphic Designer whose one project *may* have actually copied my own personal work!

4.  I went for a walk in the rain on Christmas Day and wrote a poem!

3.  I learned to make soup and coincidentally found out it was one of my grandma’s signature dishes.

2.  A four part series in which I catalogue all the cars named for animals.

1.  I take my Graphic Design background to work when I discuss my opinion on Uber’s new logo and why I think it was a mistake to rebrand.

Here’s to another fantastic year of blogging waffling!



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