Simple Pinterest Food Successes For Halloween

Over the weekend I hosted my annual Halloween party which was quite a success. One of the highlights of the party was the impressive spread of food to share and be on display. This year I decided to try my hand at a few food ideas from Pinterest and was delighted with how well they came out…

First was these spider-topped deviled eggs. Making *deviled* eggs is already enough of a Halloween-appropriate twist on eggs, but topping them with spiders was the visual show I desired. It turned out that cutting the black olives up into slivers for the legs was surprisingly tricky. And the placement of each leg took careful precision. I would consider making these again:

Next I made a vegetable display to look like a skeleton. Like the deviled eggs, I wanted to include some food that was on the healthier end. Everyone likes raw veggies especially when you can dip them in a less-healthy dip. (The head is a dish of ranch dressing.) I already enjoy making pretty displays of food so I would definitely make this again.

Lastly I found the simplest of Halloween recipes: Witches Brooms. Take a miniature Reese’s Cup, place it upside down and put a pretzel stick into the candy. So easy, that the most difficult part was just removing the double layers of wrapper. This is so easy, I wouldn’t not make it again!

And with that, it’s 7 days until Halloween!

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