A Text From A Ghost?

Halloween season always makes me think of those who have been important in my life who are no longer alive. It’s an inevitable thought process when imagery of ghosts and skeletons fill the scene. It’s nice to think back on loved ones who are now deceased – until it becomes creepy and their memories haunt you…

Last night I had a dream about a friend of mine who recently died (a few months ago). In my dream, he had texted me something like, “wanna hang out?” and I was puzzled because I had decided to delete his phone number from my phone when he died. My dream had me feeling hopeful- maybe his death was a hoax? Maybe he was still alive. Because how else could I have not only received a text from him, but from his telephone number linked to his name. I was bewildered. 

I recall hearing somewhere that if you see or communicate with someone dead in a dream, then that is one method of seeing a ghost. I completely agree with that idea. So it seems that last night I communicated with the ghost of my late friend. On one hand, that’s a nice feeling; knowing that communication with someone I miss is still possible. On the other hand, the message he sent me in my dream becomes a bit cryptic. Could, “wanna hang out?” be some sort of lure from the dead to the living? If I believed this was a dark and unsettling scenario, I might think my friend’s ghost wanted me dead so we could better hang out. 

However, I am not under the impression that the latter is the case. Especially since nothing became of the text in my dream, other than a general sense of mystery. Either way, the dream is all too appropriate for Halloween time.

Halloween is in 6 days!

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