Some Thoughts on the 2016 Election Results

Back when I was in high school, I was a self-proclaimed hippie. I got really into the 60’s- the music, the literature, the history, the fashion, and the politics. I vividly remember attending a rally at my high school the day before George W. Bush officially declared war on Iraq. It was the day after my birthday and I could have thought of no better way to celebrate my birthday than to stand up for something I had felt so passionately about. There might have been 100 of us, protesting outside the school building. We had made signs, painted faces, I had made a masterful mix tape of anti-war songs, there was a local television there to report on the events. It was probably the first time I can remember really standing up for what I believed in. It was amazing and empowering. The next day war was declared and although our little protest had no impact on the course of world events, it did bond us closer together. I was aware that there were other like-minded folk like me who felt the same awful way about war.

That day reminds me a lot of today. It’s thirteen years later, and instead of attending an actual protest, I see my peers taking to social media to voice their concerns and feelings about our newly declared president-elect. Our now monotonous workdays may not allow us to attend protests or rallies, but our voices are still being heard and our thoughts are in unity with others who feel similarly. It is comforting to know that this election was close and that we, the people of the United States were able to muster up so much hope for progress and change in a liberal-minded manner.

I am immensely grateful to reside in a country that grants us the freedom to say and act how we feel, despite disappointing election results.  I realize that this is not the first time an election has been so polarizing, not just in our country’s history, but in the world. And my solace is remembering that in the past, we have pushed on. We have overcome despite hardships before and we will do it again. History has shown that we, the people can and will prevail. It won’t be easy and it won’t be enjoyable. We may have our doubts about the future and how we fit into everything. But we need to remember that this election was not won by a landslide. There are still enough people in this nation, let alone the world who feel that this next president is not the best fit. With that many people standing and fighting as one, I can not help but to remember that hope can still be alive within us.

This is still “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Watch this to take a Stand! ->


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