Enough With Christmas Music, Here Are Some Thanksgiving Tunes

I don’t know about you but I have already had more than my fair share of Christmas music in the stores, prior to it even being Thanksgiving. And while I realize there are a good number of you out there who actually enjoy such music, but I actually do not. Many people associate Christmas music with Thanksgiving (for reasons I may never know) but I think it is because most people simply do not realize that there is actually music specifically geared at (or can be thought of as being directly related to) Thanksgiving. Maybe you don’t know any or can only think of one. Let me assist. I’m more than happy to…

Let’s start out with a number that by now, should be your go-to classic:

Here’s a song that my family has been playing on Thanksgiving every year since before I was alive:

As for the subject of eating because what would Thanksgiving be without gorging ourselves with American-grown food, so this song’s title says it all (excluding the bit in the parenthesis, which I would just substitute with “all of the good turkey” or something to that ilk)…

And then, because there are enough songs with the most appropriate title for Thanksgiving:

And one variation:


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