Halloween Cookie Fails

Halloween is here and it’s a truly a day to be scared. Granted, some things are scarier than others, which is why I am showing you some scary fails of cookie decorations. Here are a couple cookie cakes I have seen with my own eyes at my local Harris Teeter grocery store. Shield your eyes or take a look, but beware of these scary fails!

Either this Jack-O-Lantern is mouthless or noseless… and it has freckles. What is going on here??
I’ve seen this out in my grocery store more than once and my only conclusion is that it is decorations to be a tomato. Am I missing something here??


Halloween Countdown: today!!!


Halloween Decorations 

One of my favorite parts of Halloween are the decorations. From inside to out, this holidays draws a lot of attention for the festive ways one can display their love for the holiday. Halloween decorating is fun because there are so many themes that can be used for various displays. Here are some photos of inside and outside decorations I have seen this year:

Halloween Countdown: 1 day!

The King of Kooky Movies

If you’re like most people, one activity you might enjoy around Halloween is watching scary, creepy, odd, or just plain kooky movies. These days, there are just so many movies that can be watched for this holiday, however if you’ve tired of Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, or many of the gratuitously gory movies, there are so many other movies out there for you. More likely than not, there will inevitably be that one certain actor that will star in a Halloween-appropriate movie on your list, and that actor my friends, is Johnny Depp. Mr. Depp has played a role in so many eerie, strange, and kooky films that you almost can’t not watch one of his movies for Halloween. Here is just a sampling of some of his Halloween movies.

(Also, I’d just like to point out how fantastically dark all of these movie posters are. The coincidence that these are all unified in a theme of darkness is wonderful.)









Halloween Countdown: 5 days!

Pop Culture Jack-O-Lanterns

This year I decided to look to pop culture for a Jack-O-Lantern idea. Although in recent years I have preferred a classic Halloween theme for a carving subject, this year I have decided to switch it up. Below is my own artwork (first) and a few other ideas you might want to copy. See who you can recognize!







Halloween Countdown: 7 days!

Halloween Weddings Inspiration

In the long amount of time since I last blogged (or rather last continuously blogged), a lot has occurred in my personal life. I’m not really one to share these things with the world, but in short, I got engaged and married. I did not write many posts here since last Halloween when I was in the midst of wedding planning and now we are right back to another series of Halloween-themed blog posts. So in honor of omitting such a blogging-worthy life event, we will begin the annual Halloween countdown with a sleu of images of Halloween-themed weddings that could retranslated into your own Halloween party decor. Enjoy… if you dare!

Dripping raspberry juices create quite the horror show look to an otherwise traditional white cake.
Dark, almost black bouquets of flowers make a memorable statement piece.
Painted pumpkins pierced with holes to let light shine through can be a classy centerpiece.
Red lighting can transform a room to feel quite ominously bloody.
As an alternative to a Jack-O-Lantern, just cut a small pumpkin in half and fill with wax and a wick to create a pumpkin-candle.
Fill a skull-shaped vase with flowers for a Day of the Dead take.
And last, but not least, the ultimate Halloween wedding couple, The Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster. 

Halloween Countdown: 8 days!