Some Thoughts on the 2016 Election Results

Back when I was in high school, I was a self-proclaimed hippie. I got really into the 60’s- the music, the literature, the history, the fashion, and the politics. I vividly remember attending a rally at my high school the day before George W. Bush officially declared war on Iraq. It was the day after my birthday and I could have thought of no better way to celebrate my birthday than to stand up for something I had felt so passionately about. There might have been 100 of us, protesting outside the school building. We had made signs, painted faces, I had made a masterful mix tape of anti-war songs, there was a local television there to report on the events. It was probably the first time I can remember really standing up for what I believed in. It was amazing and empowering. The next day war was declared and although our little protest had no impact on the course of world events, it did bond us closer together. I was aware that there were other like-minded folk like me who felt the same awful way about war.

That day reminds me a lot of today. It’s thirteen years later, and instead of attending an actual protest, I see my peers taking to social media to voice their concerns and feelings about our newly declared president-elect. Our now monotonous workdays may not allow us to attend protests or rallies, but our voices are still being heard and our thoughts are in unity with others who feel similarly. It is comforting to know that this election was close and that we, the people of the United States were able to muster up so much hope for progress and change in a liberal-minded manner.

I am immensely grateful to reside in a country that grants us the freedom to say and act how we feel, despite disappointing election results.  I realize that this is not the first time an election has been so polarizing, not just in our country’s history, but in the world. And my solace is remembering that in the past, we have pushed on. We have overcome despite hardships before and we will do it again. History has shown that we, the people can and will prevail. It won’t be easy and it won’t be enjoyable. We may have our doubts about the future and how we fit into everything. But we need to remember that this election was not won by a landslide. There are still enough people in this nation, let alone the world who feel that this next president is not the best fit. With that many people standing and fighting as one, I can not help but to remember that hope can still be alive within us.

This is still “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

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Happy First Birthday!

Today Endlessly Waffle turns one year old! There has been a lot of waffles and a little waffling, which is pretty much how I envisioned this blog would go. So far I would call this a success of a change in blog site. Looking back at this past year, I have posted some pretty great things. Here is a top 10 list of my favorite posts from this past year. Maybe you missed these or like me, want to revisit the goodies. Let’s take a look:

10.  I took a visit to Alexandria’s famed, Wafle Shop and tried their signature dish. This was something I had been wanting to do for a while.

9.  I made an odd discovery about a commonality that many Disney Villains seem to share.

8.  As a recent thirty-something, I decided that once and for all, I would change the way I look at shoes and go through my footwear “collection” to weed out the non-reasonable items I had been hoarding.

7.  Right around Halloween time, I took a photo of something I Found On The Ground that is now one of my favorite photos of mine.

6.  I discovered an artist who paints realistic-looking dreamscapes and boy, is it delectable.

5.  I came upon a famous Graphic Designer whose one project *may* have actually copied my own personal work!

4.  I went for a walk in the rain on Christmas Day and wrote a poem!

3.  I learned to make soup and coincidentally found out it was one of my grandma’s signature dishes.

2.  A four part series in which I catalogue all the cars named for animals.

1.  I take my Graphic Design background to work when I discuss my opinion on Uber’s new logo and why I think it was a mistake to rebrand.

Here’s to another fantastic year of blogging waffling!



Crushed By Christmas

I dread its arrival every year. It trickles in slowly and unassuming but I know its true nature. Before you know it you’re caught in an undertow, unable to escape. It’s around every corner, it glares at you from every window. It knows when you are sleeping. It knows when you’re awake. That’s right- it’s Christmas and by golly, I can’t stand it.

Some may argue that Christmas time is all about “togetherness” and “family” and feeling all warm inside. But when there is someone who doesn’t believe what you believe, tensions rise. I was not raised celebrating Christmas. December has always symbolized the opposite of what the Christmas media harks- to me it has come to mean “separateness.” Christmas time is the only time of the year when I am truly aware of how different I am from my peers and surroundings. On all other nights I feel right at home with blending in to anonymity.

I don’t want to be a Grinch. Sure, it would be nice to celebrate with the rest of you. But the thing is- I’ve never felt included during the Christmas season. “They never let poor Rudolf join in any reindeer games,” if you will. The “Grinch” idea is a terrible way to make the non-believers feel shamed. Why should those who don’t participate have to feel bad about it?

Christmas time is exploding with over-the-top feelings. People compete to see who can exhibit more joy and cheer than the next. And to those like me who don’t participate in a glorified birthday party, it is all so overwhelming. I’ll just stand back in disgust and confusion.

Perhaps what bothers me the most is how just this one holiday has expanded into the “holiday season.” Which, let’s be honest, to 90% of the world simply means that winter = Christmas time (which is totally false). Just because a significant holiday occurs to a major religion at some point in a season, does not mean a religious group can commandeer the whole season (or month) to be synonymous with that holiday.

Why can’t I just see a pine tree in the winter and only be seeing a type of tree that stays green year-round? Any image of a pine tree in winter is immediately connected to Christmas. Why can’t red and green just be colors opposite from each other on the color wheel and a bold and striking combination? When one sees the color pairing, they instantly think of the Christian holiday. If you don’t think that Christmas has taken over the world in a completely insane way, then you are kidding yourself and completely naïve to the power of religion.

Christmas is a dangerous force to be reckoned with. Don’t turn your back on the Christmas sorcery. If you aren’t careful, you could get sucked down the rabbit hole of never-ending illusion. That’s not what I would wish upon myself or anyone.


Professional Line Sitting: The New Frontier

This past Saturday, I paid a visit to D.C.’s new hit restaurant, Rose’s Luxury. Last year it was named, the “Best New Restaurant in America,” which given so many competitors, is quite an impressive accomplishment. The thing about Rose’s Luxury though, is that they are only open for dinner and they do not take reservations, which means that if you want to get in, you best be comfortable with the idea of waiting in line. The line starts approximately two hours before the restaurant opens at 5pm. My group and I got there promptly at 3:30pm and were around the seventh in line.

The view of the line for Rose’s Luxury from close to the front.

As we waited, a newspaper photographer took pictures of the quickly swelling line, and we knew we were not the only ones who awaited such a raved-over foodie experience. The photographer explained to a number of us in line that she was especially interested in finding a “line sitter.” This was a foreign concept to me.

A Line Sitter, as it turns out, is someone who is paid to wait in line for another person or group. This is an understandable problem where people may not have the time to wait in line, yet they only are interested in what is benefited from the wait. According the photographer that day, there have been Craigslist ads for such a position that pay around $25/hour. Upon further research I found this “agency” that employs/deploys line sitters for various functions in NYC. It is still to be determined whether there are any official, formed groups of Line Sitters for Washington, D.C..

In my opinion, getting paid to wait around sounds like my kind of job. You could get paid to do any of these hobbies: read, draw, knit, craft, email, write, blog, talk, etc. As long as you are able to remain fairly sedentary and can stay awake, I feel like this is a totally doable way to earn a little extra money- especially for those good at multi-tasking. Had I known about this new job when I was working part-time, I would have definitely joined in.