Waffle Wednesday: Halloween Decorated Waffles

When most people think of decorating for Halloween, they think of ways to decorate their home. But nothing says your food can’t also be decorated to get in that spooky spirit too! Here are some ways you can decorate specifically waffles in time for your Halloween breakfast!

Cut up a pancake to look like a hand and add jam for the blood and you’ve got a whole new meaning to “Leggo my Eggo!”

Make your batter with edible charcoal or extra dark chocolate for a haunting hue and decorate with Halloween Peeps on top!

Simply drizzle a chocolate syrup web on top!

Cover your waffle with colored frosting and add chocolate candies on the side to make your Frankenstein themed waffle!

Halloween Countdown: 5 days!


A Text From A Ghost?

Halloween season always makes me think of those who have been important in my life who are no longer alive. It’s an inevitable thought process when imagery of ghosts and skeletons fill the scene. It’s nice to think back on loved ones who are now deceased – until it becomes creepy and their memories haunt you…

Last night I had a dream about a friend of mine who recently died (a few months ago). In my dream, he had texted me something like, “wanna hang out?” and I was puzzled because I had decided to delete his phone number from my phone when he died. My dream had me feeling hopeful- maybe his death was a hoax? Maybe he was still alive. Because how else could I have not only received a text from him, but from his telephone number linked to his name. I was bewildered. 

I recall hearing somewhere that if you see or communicate with someone dead in a dream, then that is one method of seeing a ghost. I completely agree with that idea. So it seems that last night I communicated with the ghost of my late friend. On one hand, that’s a nice feeling; knowing that communication with someone I miss is still possible. On the other hand, the message he sent me in my dream becomes a bit cryptic. Could, “wanna hang out?” be some sort of lure from the dead to the living? If I believed this was a dark and unsettling scenario, I might think my friend’s ghost wanted me dead so we could better hang out. 

However, I am not under the impression that the latter is the case. Especially since nothing became of the text in my dream, other than a general sense of mystery. Either way, the dream is all too appropriate for Halloween time.

Halloween is in 6 days!

Simple Pinterest Food Successes For Halloween

Over the weekend I hosted my annual Halloween party which was quite a success. One of the highlights of the party was the impressive spread of food to share and be on display. This year I decided to try my hand at a few food ideas from Pinterest and was delighted with how well they came out…

First was these spider-topped deviled eggs. Making *deviled* eggs is already enough of a Halloween-appropriate twist on eggs, but topping them with spiders was the visual show I desired. It turned out that cutting the black olives up into slivers for the legs was surprisingly tricky. And the placement of each leg took careful precision. I would consider making these again:

Next I made a vegetable display to look like a skeleton. Like the deviled eggs, I wanted to include some food that was on the healthier end. Everyone likes raw veggies especially when you can dip them in a less-healthy dip. (The head is a dish of ranch dressing.) I already enjoy making pretty displays of food so I would definitely make this again.

Lastly I found the simplest of Halloween recipes: Witches Brooms. Take a miniature Reese’s Cup, place it upside down and put a pretzel stick into the candy. So easy, that the most difficult part was just removing the double layers of wrapper. This is so easy, I wouldn’t not make it again!

And with that, it’s 7 days until Halloween!

My Encounter With Boris The Spider

Anyone else know the song, “Boris The Spider” by The Who? It’s about a spider creeping around who gets smashed dead by a book. A relatively universal topic for a song and one that is perfect for Halloween. Yesterday, just in time for my favorite holiday, I had my own Boris The Spider encounter…

On my lunch break at work, I went to Macy’s to try on some clothes. I got into the dressing room with a handful of items. I removed my top, looked down and noticed a spider on my chest! I was mortified. How long had it been there? Where did it come from? Had it been on my skin for a while or was it originally just on top of my shirt? There were other people in nearby dressing rooms so I didn’t want to scream, which would have been my go-to response. Instead, I quickly brushed the thing off me, while simultaneously scratching my skin. I didn’t care though; I had more important things to worry about.

I examined the spider which had landed unharmed on the floor of the dressing room. I could see the feet of someone in the dressing room next to mine. I couldn’t let this terror of a spider roam freely, scaring other people. I brought this jerk into the room, I would see to it that it would be taken care of. I didn’t really want to kill the thing, but I didn’t have any other option. I stepped down onto it with my shoe and lifted my foot. “Boris” crawled around. The fact that I tried to kill this spider and it seemed to be living to tell the tale would not stand with me so I stepped on it again, harder this time. When I lifted my foot the second time, lo and behold, there was a crumpled up spider on the floor.

However, being my overly considerate self, I couldn’t let there be a dead spider on the dressing room floor- a place where many people might be standing barefoot. I didn’t have anything to wipe up the guts with so I decided to… wipe the guts around into the floor so at the very least, nobody would question the evidence. Although this was a disgusting “solution,” it did seem to work. Only problem was that I had managed to mush the dead spider into the crevices of my shoe. I felt like this spider was determined to follow me around, be it alive or dead.

Eventually I was able to scrape my shoe off on the sidewalk, but now I feel like the spider community is out to get me for the killing of one of its perverted members. No spider can peep at my chest. No thank you.


This story was brought to you by my annual Halloween 10 Day Countdown. 10 days to go!

Waffle Wednesday: Churro Waffles

Today I am in Spain! (Surprise!) One of Spain’s celebrated delicacies is the Churro. A churro is like a donut, that is frequently covered in cinnamon and sugar and in the shape of a ridged tube. Many people associate these treats with the city of Madrid, Spain. Today to celebrate my current adventures in Spain, I have found a wonderful recipe for a Churro Waffle. (Yes, it’s true.) Feel free to check out that link. In the meantime, let’s gaze upon these pictures. I can smell them already…

Waffle Wednesday: Star Wars Waffles

How do you know when you’ve found something truly incredible? Well, if you’re in the waffle-industry, you come to this blog to find out. Today I have found just the item you never knew you needed. What’s better than having waffles for any meal? I will tell you. It is having Star Wars Waffles; Death Star Waffles, to be exact. Check out this beautiful thing:

star wars waffle


Waffle Wednesday: Happy Birthday America!

Today is a triple-birthday whammy. It is the first Waffle Wednesday of a new year of blogging, it is a belated Independence Day celebratory post, it is the birthday-anniversary of when my relationship with my boyfriend became official (and coincidentally, this recipe also celebrates a birthday that happened three days ago). So to celebrate all of these fantastic occasions, check out this glorious-looking recipe for  Birthday Cake Waffles!


The recipe is pretty easy to follow: Bisquick/pancake mix, confetti cake mix, milk, eggs, oil, and sprinkles! A happy birthday indeed.