Why Endlessly Waffle?

​Me: So I never resolved what to do with my blog. I guess none of my ideas really stuck.
R:​ Sometimes you gotta pick a title and run with it.
Me: E​h, I’m in no hurry. Whatever​…​
R: ​O​r endlessly waffle. T​hat’s also an option.
​Me: ​Yes! Endlessly Waffle is a good name​…​

Welcome to Endlessly Waffle. Where in this case, “waffle” refers to the verb meaning:

verb: waffled, waffling. British
to talk foolishly or without purpose; idle away time talking.

 – to speak or write equivocally:
to waffle on an important issue.

It was due time for CAPSLoveTwo to get a makeover and this is the new incarnation. Posts will be of a similar content, but I am adding a “Waffle Wednesday” component this time around which will always feature something waffle-related.
Thanks for reading!

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