A Head Case Analogy

The past week I have been reading a pretty entertaining book about a young woman a few years older than myself. The book, “Head Case” by Cole Cohen is an autobiographical story about having a plethora of mentally challenging disabilities all stemming from having a hole in her brain the size of a lemon. It’s a relatively quick read and shares her story of mystifying tests and symptoms that lead to an undiagnosed issue the author has dealt with her whole life. Cole Cohen’s story is cleverly written and I want to share a quote from her book that I thought was written especially well. The preface to the following quote is that Cole is learning how to meditate…

“I am trying to fit everything I am onto the splinter of this very second, but my feelings keep spilling over like a water cracker overloaded with expensive-smelling cheese at some cocktail party you didn’t really want to attend until the cracker breaks and then you’re walking around with a crumpled napkin, smiling and chatting with guests when all you can think about is where the trash can is hidden.”  (Pg. 191)

Now there’s a fantastic and descriptive analogy if I’ve ever seen one. I was drawn to this quote because I can just imagine being in this position of discomfort and awkwardness. This style of writing is powerful- it seems like the author is ranting and out of breath to get her point across, and the forever long run-on sentence that would typically bother me, seems completely correct here. So very well written!

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